Each version of Viper.NET is created for two versions of Cognex VisionPro. The VisionPro version is included in the name of the setup program, e.g. Viper.NET_6.3.0.0***VPro9.6*.exe.

Before installing Viper.NET, all required dependencies should be installed. For Cognex VisionPro, care must be taken to ensure the correct Customer- or Service-Release.

During the installation itself, unused Plugins can be deselected. However, only those plugins are loaded in Viper.NET that are also used in the project. Therefore, in case of doubt if a Halcon license is availableComplete” should be selected, otherwise “Typical”.


Viper.NET and Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild may crash when using Halcon-based VisionPro tools. If no license is available, the tools must remain unchecked.