Gefasoft UDP

Via the Gefasoft UDP hardware interface a GInOutManager of one process can access the GInOut hardware data blocks of the GInOutManager of another process. This is necessary, for example, if Viper.NET runs as a 64 bit process, but the hardware has to be included via a 32 bit interface DLL. The two GInOutManagers communicate via UDP telegrams.

  1. Tool GInOutHwExplorer.exe as Server: To activate the UDP server, the node HW is selected. Here you can enter the UDP ports (comma separated list). Enter a local IP address to bind the ports to a specific network adapter. By clicking on Apply these are taken over and activated.

  2. Viper.NET.exe as Client: Using a UDP Client to GInOut-Manager with UDP Server (Gefasoft GmbH) it is then possible to access all GInOut hardware data blocks which have been created in the GInOutManager with the activated server.

  1. Type: UDP Client to GInOut-Manager with UDP Server (Gefasoft GmbH)

  2. ID: ID assigned

  3. name suffix: Name control

  4. Create: Press button to generate object

  5. DisplayName: Name control

  6. RemoteIP/Port: IP address and port to the GInOutManager UDP server.

  7. DstHwId: ID of the hardware on the server side.

  8. EditDataBlocks: Toolbar for adding, deleting and editing the data blocks. Via the button ‘Import data blocks’ all data blocks of the target hardware (DstHwId) are read out and imported from the UDP server.

  1. DataBlockID: ID for this data area (on client side)

  2. Length: Length of the data area

  3. Name: Name of the data area

  4. DsthwDataBlock: ID of the data block on server side.

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