The execution of an image processing job can be triggered by the following events:

  • External triggering of a Station, for example by a PLC

  • Manual image acquisition

  • Loading saved images

Depending on the start event, the relevant jobs are started within the active type, which in turn select and start their toolgroup-items. These pull in the images from their image-sources as needed and run the image processing procedure.

External triggering

In case of an external trigger, for example by a PLC, the following sequence is executed:

Manual image acquisition

Viper.NET offers the possibility to execute evaluations manually either one by one or continuously repeated. The prerequisite is that the job only uses image-sources with software-trigger.

Pressing the Execute BV button icon_execute_job_manual in the Job-Display Toolbar of a vision job triggers one image acquisition of each of the assigned image sources. This is followed by an evaluation with the currently loaded ToolGroup.


If in the global-settings the checkbox Save on trigger only is set, the recording will not be saved.


No results are written to the connected controller / hardware by the manual image acquisition. This only occurs in the event of a trigger by the controller.

With Run BV continuously icon_execute_job_continuous in the Job-Display Toolbar manual image acquisition and evaluation are executed continuously. Pressing the button again deactivates the mode.


If in the global-settings the checkbox Save only on triggers is not set, a lot of image data may be saved.

Loading saved images

For error analysis, it can be helpful to run evaluations that have already been executed again. The following options are available for this purpose:

  1. Re-execute with the last loaded image data: as long as these are displayed in the job display, the display images are re-evaluated when the icon_execute_job_previous button in the Job-Display Toolbar is pressed.

  2. Run with saved image data from a directory: The RunFromDirectory Button icon_run_from_dir allows running the toolgroup on one or more directory images (see RunFromDir).

  3. Run on temporarily stored images of the image strip by double-clicking a thumbnail.