Release notes


  • GDataExchange memories: templates for creation of new buffers

  • GInOut: set multiple bits by contextmenu using a regex as a filter

  • GInOut: extended python scripting: possibility to call other python scripts, modified templates and UI

  • BUGFIX: uncaught exceptions in RunFromDir dialog (when using preview image)

  • BUGFIX: Lumos initialization: reset to resting state instead of turn off all lights: init channels with hardware-oparation to their respective hardware mode

  • BUGFIX: gio type data set actType obj only if load xml was successful

VisionPro Tools - AnalyseProfile3D BUGFIX: fix invalid interpolation of Profile data: avoid generation of spurious data at the boundaries of invalid pixel regions.

Plugins - delayed reinspection, UI for server configuration


  • Image source assignment: Added support for image array terminals, accepting all input images at once.

  • SaveImagesEx: Fixed file name handling when replacement patterns contain ‘.’.

  • TypeLoadStation: Accept load command only after application is fully started.

  • GInOut: S7ISOTCP new default value CpuPlace 2 instead of 1

  • GInOut: View all variables when selecting the Variables node, allow copy by Drag&Drop between variable lists.

  • Lucon2: Fixed default parameters.

  • BUGFIX: Fixed a lot of root causes for CrashReports.

  • BUGFIX: Lucon2 auto-reconnect if connect on startup fails.

  • BUGFIX: Lumos ConfigApp missed new Lucon dlls (

  • BUGFIX: ToolBlockReferenceTool output change event not raised when outputs to not change (

VisionPro Tools

  • Fixture3D: New operator NPointToNPoint2DOnInputPlane.

  • PlaneFit3D: Optionally ensure that there must be valid points within “Neighborhood” region.

  • ListToFile: Globally define separators

  • ResultCsvTool: Globally define separators


  • Forbid local root drives as source directory. Hotfix 2


  • BUGFIX: Stream-Connection-Pool did not call connection state changed events

  • New Param Stream-Connection-Pool : “logger with streamname”

    Loggername for send/receive log: False : Gefasoft.MAK.Communication.ConStreamTelPool True : StreamTel.{StreamName} Hotfix 1


  • BUGFIX: Job setting “RunErrorIfSaveImagesFails” is now working again (if WorkerStoreImage runs synchronously)

  • Embed external application, ask close/kill only from second attempt.

  • Global settings for ResultCsvTool separators and formats.

VisionPro Tools - BUGFIX: Fixed loading if HalconWrapperTools. - BUGFIX: Fixed open ResultCsvTool Editor. - BUGFIX: Fixed open DrawGraphicsTool Editor. - BUGFIX: Fixed Fixture3DTool when SelectedSpaceName of input image is not fully qualified. - BUGFIX: Fixed auto-migrate ToolBlockReferenceTool outputs directly connected to the parent CogToolBlock’s outputs. - Try auto-fix script errors in ToolBlockReferenceTool child ToolBlock.


VisionPro Tools

  • ToolBlockReferenceTool: New mode SharedInstance.

  • New tool Fixture3DTool: Create 3D coordinate space from 2D fixture.

  • Bugfix PlaneFit3DTool: Fixed X/Y displacement for “Fit method area”.

  • Bugfix PinTipExtractor: Always show input image in Blob tool.

  • ToolBlockSelectorTool: Fixed default selector handling for Multi-Key mode.

  • PinCheck3DTool: Allow HighTail >= 0 in UI (not >= 0.01) Hotfix 1

  • New environment variables VIPER_PROJECT_DIR and VIPER_DATA_DIR
    • Automatically set in application

  • BMP ImageSource:
    • Resolve environment variables

    • Try replace path root with best matching environment variable after start.

  • ToolGroup saving: Use Cognex mechanism to clean image terminals from ToolBlocks (Gefasoft mechanism can be restored via backward compatibility params).

  • Optimized load/save time/space of some VisionPro Tools

  • LabelInspect: Avoid Exception when font is null, allow empty label text -> does not execute the tool.

  • GDataExchangeMemory: Get/SetValue for double/single/uint/ushort/bool

  • CmdItfTool: Terminal access to array elements.



  • Integration of GEFASOFT LUCON© 2 in Lumos

  • Optimized saving Bitmap image sources

  • Vision type auto-sorting by id

  • Show mapped name for analysis terminals in value-result displays

  • Cleanup configurable paths in Viper.NET project file

  • Command interface: Fix null-value handling

  • Fix initial zoom/pan for “graphic-only” content like CogHistogram

  • Improved GInOut plugin capabilities

  • Improved 3D Cognex display view handling

  • Improved load times of VPP files for some GEFASOFT VisionPro Tools

  • Bugfixing

Viper.NET Tools


  • Communication between service and UI now uses NamedPipes instead of TCP/IP to avoid duplicate port issues

  • Improved performance by reimplementing the file system access using native methods


  • Plugin image source MicroEpsilon SurfaceControl3D (stable)

  • New command line param simHwsById to selectively simulate hardware connections

  • Keyence LJ-X: Support for high speed acqusition using Z-Phase of encoder, new global acquisition setting LogEveryProfileCallback

  • Bugfixing


Viper supports additional image sources for rare applications. These plugins are not included in the installer but can be provided on request:

  • ActiveSilicon Firebird CoaXPress Framegrabber

    • Tested with Optronis 65-70-M-G1

  • Sensor2Image SphinxLib

    • Tested with Chromasens allPixa evo 15k mono

  • AIT Inline Computational Imaging (ICI)

  • LMK LabSoft Photometer

VisionPro Tools

  • CmdItfTool: Changed telegram encoding from ASCII to UTF8



Log4net configuration for image sources has changed. Please replace all image source logger declarations with a single logger “ImageSrc”.

<logger name="ImageSrc" additivity="False">
  <level value="DEBUG" />
  <appender-ref ref="FileAppenderCams" />
  <appender-ref ref="GAppenderCams"/>
  • Added context-sensitive HTML documentation DE/EN

  • Added Cognex 3D Subdisplays

  • Added QualityAssurance plugin - Supports MSA Level 1 and 3 for vision jobs

  • Added SaveVersion CapturePowerShell task - ProjectTemplates: Added task to collect system info via PowerShell

  • Added image source MicroEpsilon SurfaceControl3D (Beta status)

  • Moved image sources from core to plugin - Jai A2 - Spinnaker (FLIR/PointGrey) - Xenics - MicroEpsilon ScanControl - Optris IR

  • Improved Auto-Logout - Detect inactivity instead of using a fixed timer.

  • Improved GlobalVisionParams categories

  • Improved GInOut variable creation - Auto-fill converter parameters wherever possible

  • Improved JobDisplay - Activate tool box elements for all displays from context menu

  • Write Assembly-/File-/Product version to persistentData.xml on startup.

  • Removed “Tasks” from user management

VisionPro Tools

  • Added RangeImageMedian Tool

  • Added VTT for compose/decompose CogImage16Range

  • Added HTML documentation (DE only, replacing PDF, will be completed/translated in future versions)

  • WorkerStorageImage

    • Parameters editable in global settings

    • Default max. queue size changed to 64 (instead of unlimited=-1)

    • Added image queue warn/error status to main menu state

  • Basic MSA feature in JobResultCsv Plugin

  • Performance monitor

    • Show/Log memory usage and image queue status in header (Configurable)

  • Default base folder for new projects set to C:/GEFASOFT

  • Startup warning if root directories of image or log folder do not exist (configurable in .makproj -> callConfigCheckerOnStartup)

  • Bugfixing Hotfix3_SpinnakerAsyncImageLoop

  • Spinnaker image source: Asynchron image loop implemented

  • ICmd TLV (Trumpf laser) : CreateAndLoadMarkingFileByParamsAndConfig Hotfix2_GlobalVisionParamsCategory_3dTools

  • Global Vision Params category Naming convention : “GlobalVisionParams” + “Suffix” + “_” + “Category”

  • New Global Vision Param: autoAckScriptErrorMsgBox

    • Automatically click “OK” button on “Unable to load script” message box while loading toolgroup.

    • Recompile all scripts after loading vpp.

    • Set LoadPass=False on script errors => GefasoftMainButton is Red

    • Detailed information when click on “Failed to load at least one toolgroup” main menu state

  • Some fixes in Gefasoft 3D vision pro tools Hotfix1_ExtAppCtl_Toolstrip

  • Toolstrip to ExtAppCtl added can be enabled and configured in extAppLayoutChild.xml e.g.:

      <toolStrip enabled="True" btnCloseApp="True" btnDetachAttach="True" btnTopmost="True">
        <tsButtonPostWindowsMessage name="Reload URL" image=".\Configuration\reload.png" wm="0x0401" wparam="0" lparam="0"/>
        <tsButtonPostWindowsMessage name="Zoom 100%" image=".\Configuration\zoom100.png" wm="0x0402" wparam="0" lparam="0"/>
        <tsButtonPostWindowsMessage name="Show/Hide URL" image=".\Configuration\showhideurl.png" wm="0x0400" wparam="2" lparam="0"/>
        <tsButtonSetGioOutputBit name="Reset PLC Visu" image=".\Configuration\reload.png" id="9001" val="2" pulseTime="500"/>

  • Localization

    • Support for Lithuanian (automatic translation)

    • Localized resources only for operator UI elements

  • GIoTypeData

    • New commands “load previous” and “load next”

  • Keyence VJ

    • Set SelectedSpaceName to “Sensor2D” for slave images

  • Ensenso

    • Force reconnect on exception

  • GigEBaumer

    • Bugfixing

  • extAppTabs/extAppLayoutChilds

    Commandine parameter to disable starting of external app (To start project on own PC without errors). <param name=”isEnabledCmdLineParamName” value=”TruControl”/> => can be disabled with command line parameter ‘TruControl=0’

VisionPro Tools - PinCheck

  • Resample input image for PinTipExtractor

  • Deviation calculation is no signed (+/-)

  • Result value rounding

  • Create Pins on Grid Tool

  • Bugfixing

  • LabelInspectTool

    • Fixed memory leak

    • New: Optionally handle characters as space

  • MultiHeadFixture/MultiHeadStitching

    • add option for affine transformation to Multihead3DFixture Tool

    • fix “ray parallel to plane” exception in IntersectWithRay(), if a ray had the “wrong” direction

  • HalconWrapperTool

    • fix silent truncation of parameter-tuples [observed bug: assigning multi-Value HTuples to HalconWrapperTool input terminals without “multi” parameter-documentation silently truncated the arrray elements (used first element only)]

  • GetPositionTool

    • New coarse location tool “None” to support pre-fixtured images.

  • GImageSrcItfTool

    • Change “Gain” (like “ExposureTime”)

    • Bugfix: No error if RestorePreviousValuesAfterAcquisition=True and image source has no light situation

  • PlaneFit3D

    • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect 0.5 offset addition


  • Reset bit per station

  • External app embedding: Embed window by class name

  • Removed AVI image source

  • New global setting Set OptimizeIneffectiveChanges mode

  • GIoTypeData

    • New station for PLC communication (Load/Save type data)

    • Support new array variable converters

  • GInOutVariable editor

    • Enter numeric values in hex (optional)

    • Sort list by DataId/Offset

  • External Application Control

    • new parameter in config xml <param name="isEnabledCmdLineParamName" value="PlcVisu"/> => can be disabled with cmdLineParam PlcVisu=0

  • WatchDir

    • configurable WCF communication port

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed handling dynamic operations in userTabs

    • Fixed ValueResultDisplay showLimits and column width

    • Fixed RunFromDir with disabled image sources

    • Removed “Live GC generation” setting from UI

    • Removed “TrendResultsEnabled/TrendResultsDirectory” config parameters

VisionPro Tools

  • uEye IDS Camera: Features added for USB Camera UI-1007XS

    • Shuttermode can not be set if only one mode is available

    • convert BGR image to Cog24PlanarColor image

VisionPro Tool

  • GetPositionTool: New button Reset Degree Of Freedom of all graphics with checkbox “Create new Graphics”


VisionPro Tools

  • ValueResults
    • Show Error/Warn limits

    • Value mappings

    • Included in TrendResults

  • GInOut
    • Trigger script on variable value change

  • Keyence plugin
    • Keyence LJ-X/V now support VisionStationImageTrigger (“AsyncImageLoop”)

  • New VisionPro Tool ListToFileTool
    • Writes a list of objects to a file (csv, json).

  • ResultCsvTool
    • Change column order

    • Improved support for terminal sync (Drag&Drop, add/change/remove columns in edit control)

  • ToolBlockSelectorTool
    • Multi-Key support

  • ToolBlockReferenceTool
    • “InputBlock” in a ToolBlockReferenceTool will not be used by Viper.NET anymore (Legacy mode available)

  • PinCheck3DTool
    • Eval pin group range, mean, median

    • License bit “PinCheck” required!

  • New script templates for 3D

  • Global vision settings
  • User management
    • Optionally log all user logins.

  • Bugfixing

  • Allow multiple file filters in RunFromDir

  • Fix VisionPro ToolBox icons

  • Open explorer.exe only if another “explorer.exe” is already running (avoid unwanted Desktop initialization)

  • GInOutVariable.DoubleValue throws exception if value is typeof Char Handle exception in HwExplorer.VariableList Gui, show exception message => list will be filled correctly

  • Baumer sequencer adjusted for new VCXG camera Firmware

  • Baumer sequencer adjusted for VCXG color cameras

  • Gefasoft VisionProTool ImageHeightCalculator3D . bug fix calculate image with in MapOriginWidthHeightToPixelSpace

  • Add missing libs for Ensenso Plugin (Newtonsoft.Json.dll and NxLib64CLIv4.0.dll)

  • Keyence LJ-V/X: Swap profile option for each head.

  • PinCheck3D: 2D space bugfix, Resolution in 3D Display

  • Ensenso: Force write settings to camera after reconnect.

  • New settings for live display performance control

  • New setting “Validation mode” (always execute SaveImagesEx)

  • Support for (persisted) CogColorMaps in Subdisplays

  • Support for Optris IR cameras

  • ProcessPositions-Plugin: Displayed UI extensions for Viper shell are not configurable in global settings.

  • Global image sources: Show path to parent (useful in Global image sources -> All)

  • Optional “warn” bit in station handshake.

  • New Diag-Module to log user login/logout.

  • Bugfix: Application hang in Dongle state polling

  • ICmd.Available implemented for . CmdGioTypeData is available if gioTypeDataManager is configured in settings.makproj gioTypeDataManagersXml . CmdAxis, CmdAxisRecorder, … are available if AxisSystemList is initialized

  • Halcon Steady (since 6.0 Hotfix0)

  • Support for Keyence LJ-X controller via image source plugin -> moved Keyence LJ-V to new plugin

  • Reworked user right management

  • Improved MaxTgInMemory -> Do not unload selected or edited TgItem

  • Fixed handling of deactivated tools in ValueResultsDisplay

  • ExtAppTab/LayoutChild: Resolve environment variables in path

  • WatchDir: Customizable config file location

  • VisionPro 9.5 SR2 and VisionPro 9.2 CR1

  • Halcon 18.11 Steady

  • ImageSourceRemote plugin: Acquire images using cameras connected to a remote Viper.NET instance

  • First version supporting Cognex VisionPro 9.5 SR1

  • Camera setup by reference image

  • Operator View

  • Improvements in JobResultCSV Plugin

  • Include ValueResults in JObResultCsvPlugin

  • Bugfixing

  • Bugfixing

  • Save single ToolGroupItem.

    • File format for job/tgitem has changed. 5.2 projects are incompatible to previous versions.

  • Bugfixes

  • Multiple trends values in one trend display

  • 2D trends

  • Bugfixing

  • Hotfix_3_GioTypeData&PlcUser can be initialized in Viper.NET application settings.makproj:

    <param name="gioPlcSecurityUserManagerXml" value="gioPlcSecurityUserManager.xml" />
    <param name="gioTypeDataManagerXml" value="gioTypeDataManager.xml" />

  • Extended plugin interface for IDS Ensenso image source

  • Plugin for IDS Ensenso image source (not included in installer)

  • VideoPlayer Plugin (not included in installer)

  • Extended GInOut data logging

  • VisionPro 9.2CR1

  • ICmd interface + Axis control (ProPos)

  • GIO UDP hardware

  • Stations: Set READY=false during load

  • WatchDir: AMQP Plugin, Bugfixing

  • SaveImagesEx: Flags to save images based on vision result (OverrideGlobalSaveImageFlags refined)

  • Bugfixes in WatchDir

  • Updates to IterativeFitLineByDistance and FitLineByCircles

  • New Plugin “JobResultCSV” to automatically store vision results to CSV files

  • Extended import of TgItem to include IO data assignments

  • Minor fixes in GlueDot and PlaneFit3DTool

  • Integrated LabelInspectTool in installer

  • Integrated Hotfix Bug in light channel synchronization for SVS Vistek

  • Integrated Hotfix Fixed reference direction for JennyScience axis

  • Integraded Hotfix Force axis reference when params change.


  • New Cognex VisionPro Version 9.2, removed 7.2

  • New MVTec Halcon Version, removed

  • New SDK Versions for Baumer, SVS Vistek, Basler, TwinCat.ADS (see dependencies list).

  • New WatchDir 2.0 + Status Plugin in Viper.NET

  • Inline documentation for Jobs and TgItems

  • Sequencer mode for Baumer cameras

  • Combine Soft- and Dongle-LicenseBits

  • Customizable Image for SplashScreen and About-Dialog

  • Integrated VisionPro Tool “AnalyseProfile3D”

  • Removed GInOut support for ADDIDATA and Cognex Framegrabber IOs

  • Removed Lumos LightDB

  • Removed “JobCogToolGroupEx”

(Merges all hotfixes from into a new installer) - New GInOut Hardware Hilscher CIFX 50E-RE (Profinet) - Async image loop for Basler, Pylon and SVS Vistek - Various Bugfixes

  • Saving requires user comment (in history file, optional)

  • RunFromDir

    • Filter by time span

    • Customizable file filter dropdown

  • SaveImagesEx:

    • Change font size for “TextToWriteInImage”

    • Optionally save input data and result data

  • SubDisplays

    • Multi-Edit formatting in Subdisplay configs (CogDisplay and ValueResult)

    • Overwrite graphic tooltips

  • New SaveVersion variables “ProjectDir”, “ApplicationName” and “ImagesDir” for auto-save the current Viper.NET project

  • Default-Selector and Bugfixing ToolBlockSelectorTool

  • Try fix AccessViolations in loadSequencerParams

  • GIO

    • GInOutVariableRecorder can record complete VarList

    • Dynamic GInOutHw (e.g. JennyScience Axis IO)

    • Bug fix Prodel sleepBetweenRetry & log waring before retry read/write

  • Cams:

    • new Spinnaker (Point Grey) camera

    • new Xenics camera

    • Baumer/SvS-Vistek do not exit & rescan systems during loading vision

    • Edit Exposure,ID,Name in ctl imgsrc list by doubleclick (new security operations)

  • Counter

    • new <param name=”countersStoreToDbMode” value=”OnExit” /> | Never | Always | Cyclic

    • new all countermanager ctl in extAppLayoutChild or as userTab

  • SaveImagesEx:

    • New terminal ImageNamePattern

  • Other

    • Support job names with “.” in RunFromDir

    • Auto-arrange multiple live displays

  • Dynamic light controllers for SVS Vistek PWM channels

  • LobeComparerTool: Complete rework

  • MaskEditorTool: Improvements in mask fixturing

  • ObjectMemoryTool: persistent memories (load/save on app start/end)

  • Indata store/load for arrays (double,int,bool,string)

  • Bugfixing

  • Bugfix release (see Redmine Issues)

  • TG Item Editor: Copy&Paste for Shortcuts, Input, Output, Result Datas

  • New starter for creating new projects

  • New default project structure

  • Windows 10 compatibility

  • Changed multiInstance flag -> separate projects can always be started simultaneously

  • Preview in SubDisplay configuration

  • Changed installation package “AutoStarter” to “Viper.NET Tools”, containing WatchDir and ProcessStarter

  • RunFromDir wait between images

  • Removed C# script support

  • Lumos: Separate deactivation time

  • CalculatorTool: Formular editor

  • New Basler Pylon SDK

  • New Plugin “Reinspect” (beta version)

  • Fixed Lumos ConfigApp installation

  • Fixed ProcessPosition Image Acquisition

  • New Baumer GAPI 2.4.3

  • AsyncJobs + Station

  • Load/Save X,Y,Z Images with Halcon Keyence interface

  • Bugfixing

  • Dockable log windows

  • Control Lumos via SVS Vistek

  • Bugfixing

  • Fixed display of Halcon overlay graphics with same terminal name

  • Dump GLogBuffer content on application shutdown

  • Optional local dependencies for plugins

  • Bugfixing

  • New Installer structure, breaking change

  • GInOutAxis simulation settings

  • BistableValve ResetOutputsOnInPos setting

  • GInOut TypData (+GUI) & PlcUser (no GUI yet)

  • Fixed reference sub displays -> Statusbar and doubleclick

  • Fixed JobDataBlock -> Evaluate always if executed (ignore global setting).

  • Fixed ImageSubDir in SaveImagesEx when “UsePrefixAsImageName” is set.


Bugfix release

  • Calibration Toolgroup Items

  • Shared display content

  • Environment variable for HDev files

  • Save images from display content

  • Global Vision parameters in UI Designer

  • Save data from InputDataBlock when images are saved, use in RunFromDir

  • New In-Memory Appender for faster logging

Bugfix release - UI Designer: Direct access to DataAnalysis run params.

  • UI Designer

  • Halcon Calibration + MultiView Image source

  • HalconRectifyTool

  • Reorganized Display menu

  • Relative folders for jobs

  • Bugfixing

  • SVS Vistek GigE Version 1.5.4

Bugfix release - Set environment variables from settings.makproj -> relative paths resolved relative to settings file (optional) - Fixed aggregated channel locking for single channels.


  • Set environment variables from settings.makproj

  • Versions in JobConfig, job and tgitem files

  • Bugfixing


  • Light controller Smartek SC6


  • Default templates for toolgroups, visionTyes and manipulation toolgroups.

  • LiveBits

  • Start ReferenceRun from PLC

  • SaveVersion: Process task

  • Versions in jobConfig.jxml, JobX.xml and tgitem xml nodes.


  • Bugfix release


  • Halcon Plugin

    • 2D Image sources

    • 3D Image sources

    • 3D Displays

  • Connection stream pool for camera commands

  • SaveVersion restore wizard

  • New light controllers Smartek IPSC1, 2, 4

  • Compile errors in Cognex scripts now cause a RunError

  • Optional: Evaluation of vision results until first tool with RunError

  • Documentation PDF in installer, open with F1

  • Gefatool in installer

  • settings.xml -> settings.makproj

  • jobConfig.xml -> jobConfig.jxml


  • motor nanotec

    • fix invert direction flag

    • flag to use GetIO function from nanotec to get inputs (and not GInOutBits)

  • haspFeatures & WaitForExitApp in installer

  • Asynchronous loading in RunFromDir and graphics list for vision sub displays


  • Bugfixes


  • VisionPro 8.2, .NET 4.5.2

  • New installer organization -> Separate Installer for MAK and VisionPro Tools

  • Plugin for Halcon vision

    • 2D Subdisplays with Halcon images and graphics

  • Tool/Application shortcuts in main menu

  • New user “Default” -> assign user rights when no user is logged in

  • Image source driver settings. Currently only for SVS Vistek.

  • Use GInOut Variables for Input/Result data in TGItem

  • Result curve display: Combine multiple lines to single curve when created in script

  • SaveVersion: Init only when needed, not on startup.

  • ImageSourceList: GUI++, new Buttons for live/zoom… (for touchscreen)

  • GInOut

    • GUI to edit Data hub

    • new GInOutAxis

    • new GInOutSignalSignalLights

    • ModBusTcp: new setting reconnectBeforeRetry=true (=> receivebuffer is empty => no “double answers” after retry) ignoreTelId must be false to detect wrong answers from server

    • TwinCatAds, workaround reinit & reconnect if application runs before ads-router


  • Vision as a plugin

  • Plugin config file and dialog

  • New sub display “Value results”

  • Teach tool tab

  • New configuration file structure

  • New command line params “configFile” && “pluginDir”

  • New VisionPro Tool: ToolBlockSelectorTool

  • New VisionPro Tool: PerspectiveTool

  • Changed file version to a more readable format

  • Drive watch control


  • Global vision parameters

  • Result graphic formatting

  • Camera and Toolgroup-Selectors

  • SubDisplays for counters and trends

  • New VisionProTool: CalculatorTool

  • Improved HalconWrapperTool: Script editor


  • Improved speed in VisionProTools (Remove GC.Collect() calls)

  • Bugfix: Image source recovery after disconnection

  • Bugfix : Station2, Update Inputdata if commandinterface is not enabled

  • More smaller bugfixes


  • Bugfix installer


  • General:

    • Unified 32/64 Bit installer for VisionApp

  • VisionPro Tools:

    • ToolBlockReference Tool

    • Graphic stack in HalconWrapper

  • Vision:

    • Support for Basler Pylon line-scan cameras


  • Bugfix installer


  • General

    • !!!! .NET 4.0!!!!

    • New modules (Core, Alarms)

    • Parallel install of MAK versions.

  • Application:

    • shellConfiguration.config -> Customize colors, images, header

    • Main menu extendable by plugins.

    • New setting “projectNumber”

  • Vision:

    • Support for SVS-VISTEK camera

    • Master-Slave GImgSrc for sequencer cameras

    • Support for Halcon procedures via HalconWrapperTool

    • Export images instead of “Copy all to clipboard”

  • Lumos:

    • Auto-Off: Ignore disabled channels

  • VisionPro Tools:

    • HalconWrapper

    • LobeCompare (project specific, installed for demo purpose)

    • BushDetection (project specific, installed for demo purpose)


  • Lumos:

    • Fixed activation time issues

  • Vision:

    • Fixed GUI freeze when clicking RunJob in Display too fast.

    • Fixed first input data/output data id reset bug.

    • GigEBaumer: Assign UserId (=Name) to camera

  • SaveVersion:

    • Fixed ScreenshotTask edit control

  • GInOut

    • Profibus Siemens for Windows 7 32/64

    • TwinCat ADS: Many improvments and fixes for notification handling.

  • Application:

    • Blink main state if error


  • µEye cams:

    • PixelClock

  • Support for storing Images in PNG Format (only in Code)

  • TwinCat 3.1 libs

  • Fixed installer project


  • GigEBaumer

    • check/set whitebalance

  • VisionApp

    • Changed timestamp format in images

    • RunFromDir: Sort by timestamp in image name if available

    • CenterParent for many forms.

  • Bugfixing


  • HwExplorer

    • bug fix, change hwId of data on the fly (not exit/init necessary)

    • check culture in set variable and replace ‘.’ by ‘,’ or vv

  • VisionApp

    • more than one userTab with visionCtrl

    • FormRunFromDir: Filter for sub directories

  • GInOutDataVisu : auto set dataOffset (First visible)