SaveVersion is a tool that uses a wizard to create a partial or complete copy of the application, including the last log files, the last images and screenshots of important settings).


Under “Job” you can select which backup is to be executed. Depending on the application, different variants may be available. In most cases, however, the following “Jobs” are available:

  • Viper.NET Project backup: Backs up the project folder and %PROGRAMDATA%Gefasoft (contains e.g. the WatchDir configuration).

  • Full backup: Backs up additional log files and images.

  • Active type: Saves only the current BV type folder (analogous to Archiving types)

The default configuration of SaveVersion expects the log folder and the image folder in the D: drive, which can be set with SaveVersion Config. The data can also be restored via this tool.


The DataVisionTypeArchive and %PROGRAMDATA%GefasoftCrashReporter folders may contain large files that are no longer needed. Therefore, check these folders regularly to keep the SaveVersion archives as small as possible.


Please provide your project via SaveVersion for support requests.