Gefasoft Lucon

Gefasoft Lucon is a modular lighting controller with 1 to 16 lighting channels. The supply voltage is 10 - 40V. The output voltage on the channel is 0.7 - 35V. The output current is up to 1.6A per channel.

Controller settings

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  1. Initialization parameters

  • Simulation: Simulation mode.

  • Debug Mode: In debug mode, debug information is sent from the Lucon and written to the log by the Lumos.

  • CheckSendInitParamsPass: The output current can only be set if all channel initialization parameters (e.g. maximum current) could be sent.

  • Wait before reinit controller: The Lucon sends a “RUNNING” after switching on. The channel initialisation parameters are then sent again after the waiting time in [ms].

  1. COM Mode

  • RS232: Lucon Master with RS232 interface.

  • Pool: Lucon Master with LAN interface. The communication is done via a stream from the Viper.NET Connection Pool (Streams and Protocols).

  1. COM Settings: RS232 communication settings, for COM Mode RS232.

  2. Communication behavior: Settings for the communication behavior.

  • Timeout wait for answer: Maximum waiting time for the command response from the Lucon.

  • Timeout wait for answer after error: Maximum wait time for the command response from the Lucon if an error command was received.

  • Max retry send cmd: Maximum send retries if the Lucon does not respond, or an error is received.

  • Sleep between retry: Waiting time in [ms] between the send retries.

  1. SendInitParams: Send channel initialization parameters.

Send Command

Any commands can be sent to the Lucon master here.

  1. Command: Input field for the command to be sent. The text is sent up to the first colon.

  2. Command List: Suggested list for Lucon commands in the format “Command : Description”.

  3. Send: Send the command specified in (1).

  4. Response: The response from the Lucon is displayed here.

Light channel settings

  1. Address: Address of the light channel (Lucon slaves) [1..16].

  2. Operation mode

  • Continuous: Channel in continuous operation.

  • Pulse: Channel in trigger mode. The lighting is pulsed via the input on the slave.

  • Switch: Channel in switch mode. The lighting is switched on and off via the input on the slave.

  • PulseHC: Channel in high current trigger mode. The lighting is pulsed via the input on the high current slave.

  1. Channel parameters

  • MaxCurrent: Maximum current. (Hardware limit)

  • MaxVoltage: Maximum output voltage. To prevent overheating of the Lumos it is strongly recommended to adjust the maximum output voltage to the connected lighting.

  • Pulse/Switch: Current for Pulse/Switch mode.

  • Pulse HC: Current for high current pulse mode.

  • Delay: Pulse delay in [ms].

  • Pulse width: Pulse width in [ms].

  1. Apply: Apply settings and send to Lucon.

  2. ToEPROM: Save current settings in the EPROM of the Luconslave.