ToolGroup Item

The core of image processing in Viper.NET is the Cognex ToolGroup, which allows a sequential flow of VisionPro tools to be defined and executed.

Viper.NET encapsulates this ToolGroup in so-called ToolGroup Items, which add many additional functions like configurable visualizations or parameterization of input and output data.


Jobs manage one or more ToolGroup Items.

A job is responsible in particular for the selection and execution of a ToolGroup item. Higher-level systems can make specifications for the selection of the ToolGroup item in the trigger and thus switch between different evaluations. Each job instance encapsulates a maximum of one active ToolGroup evaluation. Concurrent evaluations must therefore be mapped by several jobs.


A station is the interface to external systems such as a PLC and represents a hardware station. They are “triggered” from the outside, collect the results and report them back.

BV stations can be assigned several jobs, which are all started when a trigger occurs. The handshake is only completed when all jobs are finished. However, there are also other station types.

Stations operate independently of each other and can therefore be triggered at any time.

Since stations form the logical counterpart to physical plant parts, they are only initialized when the application is started and are not reloaded via the type management.


Jobs are organized into BV types that can be loaded into Viper.NET. Only one type can be active at a time.

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