Configuration files

Extension .makproj

<dataStore name="VisionPluginConfig" guid="30a23417-f978-4dbd-a2aa-054182260c4a" visionProVersion="9.6" Version="">
  <param name="calibIni" value="calib.ini" />
  <param name="calibIniApplyCalibWarnLimits" value="calibApplyCalibWarnLimits.ini" />
  <param name="calibIniRef" value="calibRef.ini" />
  <param name="cogColorMapAddFileSystemWatcher" value="False" />
  <param name="cogColorMapDirectory" value="CogColorMaps" />
  <param name="configFileImageSourceSettings" value="Configuration\imageSourceSettings.xml" />
  <param name="countersDbConnectionString" value="counters.db" />
  <param name="countersEnabled" value="True" />
  <param name="countersStoreSingleIncrements" value="False" />
  <param name="countersStoreToDbMode" value="OnExit" />
  <param name="defaultDataDirectory" value="Configuration\default" />
  <param name="disableLicenseCheckerCognex" value="False" />
  <param name="initialCounterGroups" value="" />
  <param name="lightSituationsFile" value="lightSituations.ldat" />
  <param name="lightSituationsFileRequired" value="False" />
  <param name="lumosConfiguration" value="Configuration\viper.bin.lumos" />
  <param name="persistObjectMemory" value="True" />
  <param name="storeImagesMaxCnt" value="-1" />
  <param name="storeImagesSkipOnFifoMax" value="True" />
  <param name="storeImagesSync" value="False" />
  <param name="storeImagesWaitForFifoSpace" value="False" />
  <param name="storeImagesWarnCnt" value="32" />
  <param name="storeImagesZyclTime" value="1" />
  <param name="useTypeManagement" value="True" />
  <param name="visionTypeArchive" value="VisionTypeArchive" />
  <param name="visionTypeConfigDir" value="VisionTypes" />


  • calibIni:

  • calibIniApplyCalibWarnLimits:

  • calibIniRef:


  • cogColorMapAddFileSystemWatcher:

  • cogColorMapDirectory:


  • countersDbConnectionString: File path of the SQLite database for the counter readings.

  • countersEnabled: (Dis)enables the counters.

  • countersStoreSingleIncrements: (Dis)enables storing of single increment events: In an extra database table, each increment of a counter is immediately stored with timestamp and Part-Info (if available).

  • countersStoreToDbMode: defines the time for writing the counter values to the database:

    • Always: new counters are stored immediately

    • Cyclic: the database is updated at fixed time intervals.

    • OnExit: the database is updated when the application is exited.

    • Never: the counters exist only at the working memory and are never written to the database.

  • initialCounterGroups: comma-separated list of counter groups to be loaded immediately at project start. Useful if counters are to be displayed in a :ref:` SubDisplay <vision-tgitem-subdisplays-counter>`, so that the counter readings are not loaded only at the first write access.

Lighting (Lumos)

  • lightSituationsFile: Storage path for the global light situations.

  • lightSituationsFileRequired: If True and lightSituationsFile does not exist -> error message at startup.

  • lumosConfiguration: Memory path for the Lumos configuration (light controllers and channels).

Save images (WorkerStoreImage)

Settings for WorkerStoreImage:

  • storeImagesMaxCnt: Maximum queue length for asynchronously storing images. If < 0: Unlimited.

  • storeImagesSkipOnFifoMax: - True: Images are discarded and not saved when the queue is full. - False: Waits until the image can be added to the queue.

  • storeImagesSync: Store images synchronously (True) or asynchronously (False). Synchronous is generally not recommended.

  • storeImagesWaitForFifoSpace: [Obsolete?]

  • storeImagesWarnCnt: Log messages are issued at warning level if there are more items than specified here in the queue.

  • storeImagesZyclTime: Cycle time for processing the queue.

Type management

  • useTypeManagement: Specifies whether Viper.NET type management should be used. Without type management, jobConfig.xml files are loaded directly.

  • visionTypeArchive: Folder for the type archive. Should be set to a folder outside the Viper.NET project.

  • visionTypeConfigDir: Base folder for type management.


  • configFileImageSourceSettings: [Obsolete?]

  • defaultDataDirectory: [Obsolete?]

  • disableLicenseCheckerCognex: Can be used to disable querying of the Cognex VisionPro dongle in case of problems.

  • persistObjectMemory: If True, the current contents of the ObjectMemoryTool memory will be saved on exit from Viper.NET and loaded on startup.

Extension globalParams.xml

<dataStore name="VisionPluginParams" guid="75cfe7e7-2668-496d-adaa-679fde5b996a" Version="">
  <param name="askSaveTgItemOnCloseForm" value="False" />
  <param name="autoCleanupScriptReferences" value="True" />
  <param name="callCmdItfFunctionToolConPoolLen" value="5" />
  <param name="clearDetailsOnFileDrop" value="False" />
  <param name="copyImagesInStoreImageWorker" value="False" />
  <param name="doNotReloadGlobalImageSrcFile" value="False" />
  <param name="enableVisionProRangeImageInspector" value="False" />
  <param name="freeImageForTiff" value="False" />
  <param name="freeImageSaveFlags" value="TIFF_LZW" />
  <param name="functionPanelBtnsCallTgItem" value="" />
  <param name="functionPanelBtnsCallTgItemEnabled" value="False" />
  <param name="gcCollectEveryNJobs" value="10" />
  <param name="globalImagePath" value="D:\Images" />
  <param name="imageCompression" value="100" />
  <param name="imageFormat" value="IDB" />
  <param name="lightOffAfter_s" value="1" />
  <param name="liveGcCollectAfterNImages" value="20" />
  <param name="liveGcCollectGeneration" value="2" />
  <param name="loadLastJobConfig" value="False" />
  <param name="maxLiveDisplays" value="10" />
  <param name="maxTgsInMem" value="-1" />
  <param name="resultEvaluationMode" value="NoResultsOnRunError" />
  <param name="runFromDirAutoSaveIniFile" value="True" />
  <param name="saveImgFail" value="True" />
  <param name="saveImgOnlyOnTriggerPlc" value="False" />
  <param name="saveImgPass" value="False" />
  <param name="saveImgTrain" value="True" />
  <param name="saveImgWarn" value="False" />
  <param name="saveInputData" value="True" />
  <param name="saveResultData" value="False" />
  <param name="saveTgInputImages" value="False" />
  <param name="showDetailsMode" value="Default" />
  <param name="showResultLevel" value="Pass" />
  <param name="ShowTabAnalysis" value="True" />
  <param name="ShowTabDocuments" value="True" />
  <param name="ShowTabGlobalParams" value="True" />
  <param name="ShowTabParameters" value="True" />
  <param name="ShowTabShortcuts" value="True" />
  <param name="ShowTabUiDesigner" value="True" />
  <param name="uIDefaultManipTgSetSpaceToRoot" value="True" />
  <param name="uIDefaultUseRelativeDirectoryForJobs" value="True" />
  <param name="uIDefaultUseRelativeDirectoryForToolGroupItem" value="True" />
  <param name="unlockLightSituationOnExposureEnd" value="Default" />
  <param name="writeCsvToolResultOnError" value="Error" />
  <complex name="globalRunFromDirParams">
    <globalRunFromDirParams xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <complex name="backwardCompatibility">
    <BackwardCompatibilityParameters xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

Most parameters can be set via the GUI (Global settings). Only the parameters that can be changed exclusively in the file are described here. Changes will only take effect after a restart of Viper.NET.

  • freeImageForTiff: If True, FreeImage will be used instead of Cognex VisionPro for handling TIFF files. Only necessary if there are problems with Cognex. - freeImageSaveFlags: Flags for FreeImage

  • loadLastJobConfig: If True the last type will be loaded when Viper.NET starts.

  • globalRunFromDirParams.FileFilters: Suggested list for file filters in RunFromDir.

Backward compatibility

  • BackwardCompatibilityParameters.IncludeSubToolInputBlocks: If True*, ToolBlockReferenceTools will also be searched for InputBlocks. Disabled by default in because changes to an InputBlock within a ToolBlockReferenceToolsBlock will affect other BV types referencing the same ToolBlock.