Profinet with Hilscher CifX

For a Profinet communication a special PCI card is required. Via the GInOutHardware ‘IO Card - CifX (Hilscher GmbH)’ a ‘CIFX RE/PNS V3.2.x - V3.4.18’ PCI card of the company Hilscher GmbH is integrated. For the installation and configuration of the card, the software package Communication_Solutions_DVD_2018-12-1_1_0500_181008_25726 of the company Hilscher GmbH is required. The PCI card ‘CIFX RE/PNS V3.2.x - V3.4.18’ is configured as Profinet stand-alone slave with the tool

  1. Type: IO Card - CifX (Hilscher GmbH)

  2. ID: ID assigned

  3. name suffix: Name control

  4. Create: Press button to generate object

  5. DisplayName: Name control

  6. BoardName: Unique name used to identify the PCI board.

  7. +: Adding data areas to be used for communication

  1. DataBlockID: ID for this data block.

  2. Length: Length of the data block

  3. Name: Name of the data block

  4. AreaNumber: Number/address of the CifX data area.

  5. ChannelNumber: Channel number for access to the CifX data area.

  6. Direction: Indicates whether the data is input or output.

  7. Offset: Offset in [byte] in the CifX data area.