File based image source

The file-based image source can load one or more image files from the file system. Supported file types are BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF. If multiple image files are loaded, the first image is always assigned to this image source. The remaining images must be linked in Viper.NET via slave image sources.

  1. General Settings: Image Source Editor

  2. Mode File: The path to one or more image files is specified. The path can also contain environment variables such as ‘%GEFASOFT_PARAMS_DIRECTORY%’. If multiple file names are specified, they must be separated by a “|” (pipe character).

  3. Mode Directory: The path to a directory where the image files are located is specified. The path can also contain environment variables such as ‘%GEFASOFT_PARAMS_DIRECTORY%’. When the image is acquired, the next image file that matches the specified file filter is always loaded. If ‘Sort by time’ is enabled, the image files are sorted by their modification date, otherwise alphabetically. If the option ‘Load #Img1-N for slave images’ is checked, the Viper.NET naming convention for images must be followed. The name of the first image file always ends with “#Img0”, the following images accordingly with “#Img1”, “#Img2”, etc. .

  4. Image Capture Parameters:

  • SimAcquTime: Simulated image acquisition time (waiting time after loading the image minus the ‘SimExposureTime’) in [ms].

  • Reload: Always reload image from hard disk.

  • to8Grey: Convert image to an 8-bit gray scale image.

  • Simulate a camera: Simulate a camera, so Viper.NET thinks the file-based image source is a camera and also enables light switching when running jobs.

  • SimExposureTime: Simulated exposure time (waiting time until the ‘ExposureEnd-Event’ is triggered) in [ms].

  1. Async image loop interval: Time interval in which images are ingested when asynchronous image acquisition is started. See also: Image Trigger Station.

  2. Serialnumber: Camera serial number for the file-based image source. This may be necessary for simulation purposes.