Gefasoft MCST4

The Gefasoft MCST4 is a quadruple lighting controller with a maximum output current of 1000 mA per channel. The MCST4 can be powered from 15V to 27V. Parameters can be set directly on the device via the control panel, or via RS232 commands.

Controller settings

../../../_images/mcst4.png ../../../_images/mcst4_lightcontroller.png
  1. COM Settings: RS232 Communication Settings.

  2. Read from controller: Read firmware version and temperature values from controller.

  3. Store permanently: Save all current settings in the EEPROM.

Light channel settings

  1. Max Value: Maximum current in [mA].

  2. Max Voltage: Maximum output voltage in [mV].

  3. Value: Output current in [mA].