Main menu

At the bottom left of the main window is the GEFASOFT button. The button shows indicates the system state by its color. Clicking on the GEFASOFT button opens the main menu:


The entries above Functions show the status of various general or project-specific components and plugins in color.

Directly above Functions all PLC connections are listed (or all GInOut hardware connections).


Optionally, an entry for the ConnectionStreamPool is displayed above this, indicating the connection status of the pool.

The item Dongles is always present and shows whether the required license keys (e.g. Gefasoft or Cognex) were found successfully.

This displays status information of individual plugins, which in turn can display multiple messages in a submenu, e.g. the WatchDir plugin or the Vision plugin.


If the status indicators are not green, an error analysis must be carried out immediately!



The green colored menu items are from the vision plugin.

Global settings

In the “Global Settings”, parameters that apply to the entire application or project are set. The dialog can be extended via plugins, e.g. by the Vision plugin.

  1. Language switching.

  2. Miscellaneous

  3. Display of the memory usage of individual hard disks. Displayed in the Sidebar if at least one hard disk is monitored.

  4. CommandInterfaceServer settings. See also Command interface (CmdItf).

  5. Configuration of commands or function calls to the local CommandInterfaceServer (4).

  6. Configuration of the Stream pools

  7. Enables GDataExchange in function menu


See also:

Info Dialog

Display of information about Viper.NET and the loaded project.

  1. Header, replaceable via shellConfiguration.xml.

  2. Display of version and application information

  3. Detailed information

The table in Configuration contains the path to the Viper.NET project in the first row. The remaining lines correspond to the configuration values in the Viper.NET project file.

In Assemblies all currently loaded .NET assemblies are listed:


Environment variables contains the environment variables that are valid for the process, including those set via the globalParams.xml parameter file.


Under Enabled features the license activations of the dongles from Gefasoft and optionally VisionPro and Halcon are displayed. In addition, a Viper.NET license file can be activated here.


In the tab Plugins the plugin configuration can be adjusted. After selecting or deselecting plugins, the configuration must be saved with Save and then Viper.NET must be restarted.


If plugins referenced in the project are deselected, data may no longer be loaded.


Credits contains the license information of all used OpenSource libraries.


The Save History shows all save-comments (if active).


The text box in the Chat tab can be used for on-screen communication between an on-site employee and a service technician connected via remote access when no other communication is possible.



The font size can be changed with Ctrl+mouse wheel.