Faults are first displayed in Viper.NET via the “GEFASOFT” button at the bottom left.

../_images/Green1_128x128.png ../_images/Yellow1_128x128.png ../_images/Red1_128x128.png

After clicking on the button, the status of the components can be checked for faults (red) or warnings (yellow). This can be, for example, a communication fault with the controller or a faulty loaded type.

Most errors can be fixed via a Reset.

If the fault persists or occurs more frequently, further analysis is required.

In case of communication failures with a connected controller, the tab Stations in the sidebar can be used to check the state of the signals. The tab HW Explorer offers even deeper analysis possibilities.

Error messages are also logged in various logs and are both saved to files and displayed in the user interface.

In the Info Dialog the loaded .NET assemblies and the plugin selection can be checked.

Collect information for support

If a problem cannot be solved, please contact the GEFASOFT support. Ideally, you should send us a backup of your project via SaveVersion. If required, we will gladly provide online storage space for this purpose.