User management

Roles and operations can be assigned to a user:

  • Operation: Defines a single function worth protecting (e.g. MainMenu.GlobalSettings to open the global settings).

  • Role: Logical grouping of operations required by a user group. The default roles in Viper.NET are Operator, Service and Admin.


On the left side of the tree, all users (blue) and roles (yellow) are displayed (1). The user Admin here has the roles UserAdmin, Service, Operator and Admin, giving him the operations / rights listed in the last column.

Create new user / role: Right-click on the Users or Roles node to create new users or roles.

Delete users / roles / members: With a right-click on the corresponding node, users or roles can be deleted.

The password can be reassigned for each user (2). With Auto logout, users are automatically logged out after the set time. Changes here will not take effect until the next login.


The user Default is used when no user is logged in. By assigning operations or roles, functions thus remain accessible even without user logon.

Use the buttons (3) under the columns Roles (or Members for roles) and Operations to edit the assignment.


On the left side the available elements are displayed, on the right side the assigned elements. With the buttons (3) the elements are moved back and forth. The operations can be additionally filtered (2), and a small description is also displayed there (1).


Changes to the user administration are saved immediately.

The user management is opened via the functions-menu.