Command lists are collections of configurable commands. These are predefined actions, for example setting hardware-bits. Image sources can define two command lists: One to be executed before image acquisition and one after it is complete. When the command lists are executed, the defined actions are processed in sequence. Definition and activation of the lists is done in Image Source Editor in the general settings:

  1. Cmds before acqu.: Opens a window for editing the command list that is processed before/when an image is acquired.

  2. Cmds after acqu.: Opens a window for editing the command list that is processed after the image acquisition is complete.

  3. Cmd list enabled: Enables/disables the execution of command lists by the image source.

  4. Run cmd list after acquisition started: If this option is enabled, the associated command list is processed in parallel with the image acquisition when the image acquisition is started, immediately after it is started. If this option is deactivated, the image acquisition is started immediately after the list has been processed.

The editor for defining the command lists is identical for both lists:

  1. Command-List: Shows the user-defined list of commands to execute: each line describes a command in the form [<number>] - <user-defined name> - <command> (<parameter info>).

  2. Add/Duplicate/Remove: Adds a new command to the end of the list or removes the selected command.

  3. Refresh: Refresh the list display.

  4. Run Selected: Runs the selected command once.

  5. Command: Specifies the command to be executed for the selected list entry.

  6. Command configuration: Configuration of the currently selected command in the list. The parameters to be set depend on the selected command.

  7. Cancel/Apply Commandsettings: Discards or saves changes to a command. A red frame around the buttons indicates unsaved changes.