For each job, a so-called “BV statistic” or “runtime statistic” is logged. The statistics are included in the Viper.NET shell as User-Tabs.

BV Statistics

All results from the CogDataAnalysis tools and the statistics are displayed here in tabular form for each job. The values are taken 1:1 from the tools.

“Reset” deletes the statistics of the CogDataAnalysisTools of the active ToolGroupItems.


Runtime statistics

For each job, the current runtime, that of the last 6 runs, as well as the minimum, maximum and average value of the last 50 runs are displayed here.


Trend results

As a further analysis tool, it is possible to display trend graphics. These show defined values and their progression graphically (e.g. the height of a component).

  1. Tabs always contain the entire graphics of a job or station.

  2. Display of the result graphic

  3. Save current values

  4. Reload result graphic

  5. Delete result graphic

  6. Deletes all stored trends

  7. Displaying the name

  8. Displaying the status bars


The recording of the trends are configured in the job editor in the tab history.

Trends can also be displayed as Subdisplay in ToolGroup-Item Views.