Master-Slave image sources

Some image sources can provide more than one image per capture. These are called master image sources in Viper.NET. In Viper.NET, each image source can be assigned to only one terminal in the toolgroup. To be able to use all images of the image source in a toolgroup, a slave image source is created for each of the additional images.

  1. Image Source List: The first image source is the master. Here, a Baumer camera has been created as an example, which is operated in sequencer mode. The master image source must be given a unique ID.

  2. Images of the master image source: The first image (index 0) is always the image of the master image source. The remaining images are each assigned to a slave image source. To do this, the master must be selected in the slave image source and then the image index that is to be assigned to this slave. No further settings are required for the master.

  3. Assign images to terminals: Since there is now a separate image source for each image of the master, you can also assign each image to a terminal.


The documentation of image source types provides information on whether an image source supports master-slave mode.