JobResultCSV Plugin

The JobResultCSV plugin is an extension for the VisionPlugin. It writes results of executed jobs to CSV files. The following result values are included in the output files:

  • Input terminals of CsvMetadataToolBlock with type String.

  • Inputs from ValueBlocks to columns named ToolBlockName.InputName.

  • The execution result of the job in the Result column.

  • Input values, associated thresholds and the evaluation result of channels of the CogDataAnalysisTool. The column names are composed of the ToolName, the channel name, and a suffix. For each channel the following columns are generated:

    • ToolName.ChannelName_Min: Lower rejection threshold

    • ToolName.ChannelName_WarnMin: Lower warning threshold

    • ToolName.ChannelName_WarnMax: Upper warning threshold

    • ToolName.ChannelName_Max: Upper rejection threshold

    • ToolName.ChannelName_CurrentValue: Current input value of the channel

    • ToolName.ChannelName_Result: Evaluation result of the channel: For example pass.

  • An ErrorList: In the ErrorList column, the tool names and evaluation status of all CogDataAnalysisTools that have a status of Reject or InvalidValue are entered. The listing is done as a comma-separated list, for example: TheFirstFailedAnalysisTool.RejectHigh, AnotherFailedAnalysisTool.IvalidValue.

  • The hyperlink to a FinalImage in the Image file column: If the toolgroup contains a SaveImagesEx-ToolBlock whose name ends in _FinalImage, a hyperlink to the path of the saved image is inserted.

Plugin settings

The plug-in is configured in two menus: in the Job result csv tabwithin the Global settings the default settings are defined for all jobs.

The following settings are managed globally:

  1. Enabled: Enables saving of .csv result files.

  2. Base path: Base directory for storing the .csv files. The files are stored in subdirectories of this path depending on the configuration.

  3. Sub directory pattern: Pattern that defines a subdirectory for the output files. The pattern can contain a number of dynamic placeholders which are replaced by concrete properties of the execution, for example the time, for each job execution. The supported placeholders are displayed under the settings group (8).

  4. File name pattern: Pattern that defines the file name of the output file. Placeholders of the pattern are replaced by concrete values at each job execution. The supported placeholders are displayed under the settings group (8).

  5. Decimal separator: Selection of the decimal separator for marking decimal places in the output file.

  6. Column spearator: Selection of the separator for table columns in CSV format.

  7. DataAnalysisTool name in column header: When this option is enabled, the column header of results from DataAnalysisTools is prefixed with the name of the tool. Without the option, the column header consists only of the name of the terminal.

  8. pattern variables: Legend of supported patterns in file name pattern and sub directory pattern.

The JobResultCSV plugin adds a Result CSV tab to the extension tab of the Job-Editor. There, the following settings can be individually adjusted for the respective job:

  1. Enabled: Enables/disables the writing of the CSV file with the job results for this job.

  2. Exception handling: Determines the behavior of the job if errors occur while saving the CSV file:

  • Warning: The job result is set to Warning in case of an error, unless it is already worse.

  • RunError: The job result is set to RunError in the event of an error.

  • Ignore: Errors when collecting and writing the results CSV to the CSV file are ignored. The output file then contains no or only incomplete data for the current job execution.

  1. Include value results: Disables/enables listing of results from ValueBlocks in the CSV output file.


An active CsvMetadataPlugin extends the naming convention VisionPro interface with a toolblock: ToolgroupItems can contain a toolblock named CsvMetadata to dynamically configure the CSV output and add additional columns to the result csv file.


The following input terminals of the ToolBlock can be used to control the plug-in behavior:

  • FilePrefix [String]: Präfix, das dem Dateinamen der erzeugten Csv-Datei vorangestellt wird.

  • Enabled [Bool]: Enables/disables writing results of the current execution to a ResultCsv file.

If additional input terminals of type String have been added to the CsvMetadataToolBlock, a column is created in the output file for each terminal. Before writing the values, the JobResultCSV Plugin checks if the CsvMetadataToolBlock was actually executed. If not, the string NOT EXECUTED is written instead of the actual terminal values of the CsvMetadataToolBlock.