Shell extensions

Main menu

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Function panel

  • (1): Opens the analysis of saved images

  • (2): Opens the Lumos/Lighting settings

  • (3): Show details: Display mode of overlay graphics in all displays


Three modes: Individually per display / Global On / Global Off

  • (4): Show result level: Filter for which images or results graphics should be displayed.

  • Green: All graphics

  • Yellow: No graphics for IO images

  • Red: No graphics for IO and warning images

  • Red+Crossed out: No graphics


Distance measurement mode

In the distance measuring mode, Ctrl+Left Mouse Button can be used to click into any display and start a length measurement from this point. As long as Ctrl is pressed, the distance from the start point to the current cursor position is displayed. The measurement is “frozen” when the Ctrl key is released. A new mouse click ends the measurement.

The displayed values are always shown in the currently selected coordinate space. This can be changed in the Status bar of the display, e.g. to switch between pixel and world coordinates.


Distance measurement mode active

Angle measurement mode

Analogous to the distance, an angle between three points can be measured in the angle measurement mode. To do this, first the vertex S and then the end point E1 of the first leg must be clicked with the Ctrl key held down. Afterwards the angle between the distances S-E1 and S-current cursor position is displayed while holding down the Ctrl key.


Angle measurement mode active

ToolGroup Item Shortcuts

In the Global settings -> Function panel call TG-Item shortcuts for executing toolgroup items can be configured.

Additional sidebar tabs

The Vision plugin provides additional tabs that are included in the sidebar. For this purpose, entries with the following tab types are entered in the tab-configuration:

Shell configuration