Waycom Prodel

Communication with a Prodel controller is via the InterfaceWay interface. This is a 32 bit Com interface to the Com server application C:/WayCom/ProdelService.exe . That means ‘Waycom Prodel’ can only be used in a 32 bit process.


In a 64 bit process, ‘Waycom Prodel’ must be via a GInOut UDP client interface to a 32 bit GInOutHwExplorer. (The Visual Studio tool ‘CorFlags.exe GInOutHwExplorer.exe /32BIT+’ sets the 32 bit flag of the process).

See also
  1. Type: Waycom Prodel - 32 bit C++ dlls

  2. ID: ID assigned

  3. name suffix: Name control

  4. Create: Press button to generate object

  5. Numero: Enter the address of the Prodel controller (readable on the Prodel module display).

  6. DisplayName: Name control

  7. +: Adding data areas to be used for communication

  1. DataBlockID: ID for this data block.

  2. Length: Length of the data area

  3. Name: Name of the data area

  4. Page: Page number. The Prodel controller memory is divided into pages. Each page is 24 bytes long.

  5. Offset: Offset in [byte] on the page.