S7 and TIA Portal (S7ISOTCP)

S7 controllers are integrated via an active TCP-IP connection to port 102 and RFC1006/ISO8073 protocol.

  1. Type: PLC S7 Read/Write DB (S7ISOTCP Gefasoft GmbH)

  2. ID: ID assigned

  3. name suffix: Name control

  4. Create: Press button to generate object

  5. DisplayName: Name control

  6. IP: Enter the IP address of the PLC.

  7. +: Adding data areas to be used for communication

  1. DataBlockID: ID for this data block.

  2. Length: Length of the data area

  3. Name: Name of the data area

  4. DB: Module number

  5. DW: Offset in [byte] in the PLC block.

  6. Identifier: Block type. Usually the data exchange in Viper.NET is always done via data blocks (:=KENNUNG_BAUSTEIN).