Image source simulation

To be able to test an image processing application without cameras, it is helpful to simulate the image sources. The image source simulation mode is activated via the command line parameter “simAllCams=1”. In simulation mode, images are not pulled in from the camera, but loaded from disk via a bitmap image source. Each image source has its own simulation or bitmap image source.


Viper.NET displays the simulation mode of the image sources around the main menu as a warning.


Image sources that are in simulation mode are highlighted in yellow in the image source list.


The simulation image source can be set via “Simulation Imagesource” (see also File based image source).

If Viper.NET is in developer-mode, the simulation mode for individual cameras can be activated and deactivated at runtime. The command line parameter “simAllCams=1” does not have to be set.

  1. Simulate all cameras: Enable or disable simulation mode for all cameras (simAllCams=1/0). The simAllCams setting has a global effect on all image source lists.

  2. Enable simulationmode for selected cameras: Enable simulation mode for the selected cameras, even if simAllCams is disabled.

  3. Disable simulationmode for selected cameras: Disable simulation mode for the selected cameras. As long as simAllCams is activated, the cameras remain in simulation mode.

Since reference image sources are not their own image sources but refer to a camera, the simulation image source of the actual image source is used by default in simulation mode. However, since the reference image sources can also be set to their own lighting situation, it may be necessary to configure your own simulation image source.

  1. Own Simulation Imagesource: Enable or disable own simulation imagesource for the reference imagesource. If Own Simulation Imagesource is not activated, this image source cannot be set to simulation mode. The simulation mode of the referenced image source takes effect.

  2. Simulation Imagesource: If Own Simulation Imagesource is activated, the simulation image source can be set via this button.