Viper.NET Licensing

A Viper.NET license contains a number of features. Depending on the activated features, certain modules are unlocked. The licensing is usually done with a dongle. As an alternative, soft licenses are supported.


  • Basic: Starting Viper.NET

  • Vision: Image Processing Plugin

  • Automatic: Control of a job by external hardware

  • Feeder: Connection of material feed components (Anyfeeder)

  • Halcon: Halcon functionality in the image processing plugin (Halcon image sources, Halcon - VisionPro Tools)

  • HUD: Plugin for the inspection of head-up displays

  • PinCheck: PinCheck VisionPro Tools

  • ProcessPositions: Control of axes

  • 3D Tools: Gefasoft 3D VisionPro Tools

Other licenses

The Image processing plugin (Vision) uses Cognex Vision Pro and therefore requires a valid Cognex Vision Pro license. If the Halcon plugin is activated, a valid license from MVTec-Halcon is required here as well.

License status


The currently available features can be displayed in the Info window. To do this, click on Gefasoft Button / Functions / Info (2). In the tab “Enabled Features” all available features are displayed. Here you can register (4) soft licenses.

If the required licenses are missing, the Gefasoft button and the Dongles (1) entry also change color and provide information about missing licenses.