The TransPointAndAngleTool converts any number of coordinates (X and Y) and angles (R) from one coordinate space to another. For the conversion of the angle (R) the angle to the X-axis in the input coordinate space is assumed.

  1. From Space: Name of the coordinate space of the input data X, Y, and R.

  2. To Space: Name of the coordinate space into which the input data is to be converted.

  3. Input Angle in Degree: Specifies whether the input angles are in degrees or radians.

  4. Number of points: Number of X/Y/R values.

  5. Decimal places X/Y/R: Number of decimal places with which the output data is to be output.

  6. Output Angle in: Unit of the output angle.

    • RAD : Output angle in radians.

    • DEG : Initial angle in degrees.

    • DEG45 : Output angle is adjusted to 45 degrees and returned in degrees [-45..+45 DEG].

  7. Sync Input/Output Terminals: Create a number of input/output terminals corresponding to the parameter (4) ‘Number of points’.