Local calibrations

In the ToolGroup (Cognex Standard)

Users can create camera calibrations according to the Cognex VisionPro standard within the toolgroups. When calibrations are recalculated or just applied must be determined by the toolgroup process itself.


Viper.NET offers as default mechanism global calibrations with central management and separate calibration toolgroup. These should be used in preference.

Manipulation ToolGroup of the image source

Camera calibrations can be applied within the manipulation-toolgroup of image sources. Then, the input images provided are already tagged with calibration information. This mechanism can be used, for example, to display calibration data in the live view.


In Viper.NET, camera calibrations should preferably be created as global-calibrations and linked to fixturing-tools in the toolgroups.

Providing the calibration data

The calibration data is provided by a Global-Calibration. Accordingly, a Calibration key must be defined and a Calibration ToolgroupItem must be created for calculation.


The Manipulation-toolgroup must contain a calibration tool named Calib that corresponds to the selected calibration type. In the image source, the desired Calibration key is selected as Calibration key.