Dynamic LightController

Dynamic lighting controls are an interface for lighting hardware that is not implemented in Lumos. Via an interface, the hardware can register with Lumos with a unique ID. The hardware can be configured and addressed as a Lumos controller in the form of a dynamic lighting control.

  1. New Controller: Create new light controller.

  2. DynamicLc: Select type for dynamic light controller.

  3. Count of channels: Maximum number of light channels of the dynamic light controller.

Controller settings

  1. Name: Displayed name of the light controller.

  2. Device label: Designation on the controller or name in the hardware diagram.

  3. Light controller ID: Unique ID of the dynamic light controller. This ID must also be set on the Light Controller itself. The Light Controller must register with this ID with the Lumos.

  4. Simulation: Activate simulation mode for the light controller.

Light channel settings

  1. Address: Channel address of this light channel in the dynamic light controller.