Before using a JAI camera, the ‘JAI SDK x64 Version’ must be installed. On all LAN adapters with JAI camera, the ‘JAI GigE Vision Filter Driver - NDIS 6 Filter Driver for JAI GigE Vision Cameras’ must be activated.

  1. General Settings: Image Source Editor

  2. Driver Type: Specifies which driver is used for the JAI cameras. This parameter is set by Viper.NET and cannot be changed.

  • Filter : Use JAI GigE Vision Filter Driver (recommended)

  • Socket : Use *Windows Socket Driver

  1. Assign Cam by:

  • Serialnumber: The associated camera is assigned via the serial number.

  • IP Address: The associated camera is assigned via the IP address.

  1. Acqu. Timeout: Maximum image acquisition time in [ms].

  2. Camera list: Selection list of all cameras. The list can be updated with the ‘… - button’ to update the list.

  3. Camera Feature Tree: All camera parameters are displayed here. With the ‘*Set - Button*’ the selected parameter can be changed. This setting is **NOT permanent and will not be saved. Parameters can only be saved in the UserSet of the camera (node UserSetControl).


With the program ‘JAI Control Tool’ parameters can be changed and stored in the camera.